Devon backstage with Zig Ziglar

“If a speaker’s role is to encourage and inspire others to believe in themselves and do more with their lives, you will agree with me that Devon Hansen is a speaker   She has a rare and delightful ability to make you laugh at yourself and cry with others. She truly is a heart -to-heart communicator.  Don’t miss her!”
Zig Ziglar


Heartpeople® Art Goes to Nashville

Artist Devon with Ricki Scaggs


Heartpeople® Art in Memphis

Devon with Debbie Fields, of Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chip Cookies


Devon in Nashville

Devon sharing art with Vernon Winfrey, Oprah Winfrey’s father



Artist Devon goes to the Tony Awards

Devon, with Manhattan sculptor, Louise McCagg & Tony Award winner, Alice Riple visiting together in Alice’s NY apartment


Devon Goes Hollywood!

Devon made a featured appearance with Robert Wagner and Faye Dunaway in the Hollywood movie “Man of Faith”.  On location with Academy Award Winner Brad Douriff.


Devon was the featured artist with Jennifer O’Neil, movie star of the film “Summer of 47” and John Debney, Academy Award winner for composing the music in “Passion of the Christ.”


Devon & John Walsh

Devon with American’s Most Wanted TV host, John Walsh after a radio show


Likan’s Studio, Austin, Texas

Devon with world famous painter Gustav Likan who painted the murals in Eva Peron’s schools in Argentina. Likan acclaims Devon’s art as “Genius”  “Happy Colorist”  “Compositions perfect” “I am taking your work to my agent!”


Devon & L’Amour Ameer

International fashion designer, L’Amour Ameer used a Devon original and duplicated it in leather on the back of a jean jacket,

Devon’s Original Art

  Devon Hansen